Things to bring on a vacation with your dog

When we pack for vacation, we think about our keys, suitcases, travel money, and travel documents, but what about our dogs? If you are heading away on vacation with your dog, then you have a lot to consider. You have to find the pet-friendly hotels, the itinerary that includes pet-friendly places, whether you can get what you need for your pet before you go – it’s all-important.

Packing for your pet is just as important as packing for yourself, as you don’t want to be caught needing something if you can help it. Let’s take a look at a few of the things that you need to bring with you on vacation with your dog.

Something To Eat & Drink

Yes, wherever you go is going to have food to buy, but what if you get stuck and can’t find that brand of dog food UK that your pet relies on? You need to pack enough food and mineral water for your dog in the boot of your car so that you have everything that you need for your trip. Stop regularly for them to eat and keep their bowls handy for when they need a drink.

Extra Poop Scooping Bags

You are on the road, which means that you may be stopping for toilet breaks more often than you thought you would. Extra poop bags are always a good idea, as you never know how many you’ll really need.

Collars and Leash

Walkies are 100% going to be a big part of your vacation. Even if your dog is used to being without his leash, you’re in a new place, which may have unique rules. You may find that the parks aren’t huge fans of dogs being allowed to run without control. So, you need extra leads – just in case.

Dog Bed/Crate

Bringing their bed or blanket from home can help your dog to sleep soundly. Putting it into a crate in the back of the car? That’s just good sense! They need to feel secure and safe on the road, and if you can keep them calm with a little slice of home, you should do it. This way, you can enjoy a pup who’s happy and calm the whole holiday rather than a nervous wreck who can’t stop crying.

Vaccine Records

If you have an emergency or an accident on the road, your pet needs as much medical attention as you. Having their vaccination records on hand is a smart thing to do to let the temporary vet know what they are up to date with.

Extra Blankets

Your dog needs to feel comfortable and being in the back seat – harnessed for safety, of course – you can make it comfortable for them. Extra blankets and seat covers will prevent your car from being covered in hair, and if you put down puppy pads underneath them, you’ll also protect your vehicle in an accident.


Liliana Anderson

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