4 Tips to Planning Your 2021 Weekend Getaway

Weekend getaways are microvacations that involve less stress. Yes, it may be constrained by time and distance, but it’s also for those reasons that it can be a happier and more restful experience for vacationers. Jessica de Bloom, Ph.D., author of travel health benefits studies, claims that this is especially true for people who don’t get the chance to enjoy their downtime often. 

This would explain why hotel specials in California sell out and local travel is on the rise, particularly in the new normal. Weekend getaways might not only be more enjoyable for some, they can also be cheaper and more manageable in other ways. 

In planning your microvacation, there are 4 things you have to remember to maximize its benefits.

Plan Frequently

Unlike with week-long vacations in distant places, you have the luxury of planning your next trip as soon as the last one is over. Psychological Science claims that there are health benefits to blocking off your vacation days months ahead. Getting yourself excited about them can put you in a happy disposition all throughout the week and give your mood a boost when you need it most. 

Meet A Specific Need

You have limited time to do everything you want, so it’s best to narrow your focus on one need per getaway. Perhaps you’re suffering from a work burnout and you feel that a calming view mixed with a couple of relaxing activities will get you out of the rut. Look for hotel specials in California that offer that exact package. The following week, you might feel more adventurous, so book mini tours that focus on trying new skills. This enables you to be more appreciative of your getaways, because you won’t be burdened with the thought that you have to do everything all at once. Go for quality, not quantity.

Be Active

Lounging is fun after a week of hard work, but doing physical activities is better in helping you unwind. Performing activities like yoga, trekking, surfing, or even touring on foot will release endorphins that will enhance your recovery from mental, emotional, and physical strains. Unlike in lounging, staying on your feet  steals your thoughts from work and other obligations back home. It’s what allows you to enjoy a truly stress-free vacation.

Create Fresh Memories

People tend to revert to happy memories to fend off stress. When your last vacation was several months ago, it gets difficult to relive your best moments. Create a plan to go on a weekend getaway once or twice a month. This lets you collect new memories and look back on experiences that will put you in high spirits. A study conducted by the University of Cambridge in England in 2019 shows that doing so in detail lowers your cortisol levels and reduces your risk for depression. 

Plan Away

It may not be the grand vacation you envisioned for 2021, but it could be exactly what you need to bounce back. Plan away and enjoy the benefits of going on several microvacations this year.

Clare Louise

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