Extent UK Spouse Visa by A2 English Test

The A2 English test is the most common test conducted by CEFR for the family of a settled person, further, leave to remain visa extension. Basic English skill is required for this A2 test. All the questions are related to basic amenities and weather, local information, time, map, and life in the UK.

Why A2 English Test?

Several issues are considered to get a UK spouse visa. There are strict regulations that must be followed by the applicants to get an extended visa for 5 years. All the documents submitted for this application will be verified by the UK government.

This is a Secure English Test conducted by CEFR for the benefit of UK Spouses’ visa extension. It is a seven minutes test which consists of speaking and listening. There is no writing in the test. There are several training centers, and online courses are available to pass in this A2 English Test.

Level A1 & Level A2 Spouse English Test

In 2010, the UK government announces a partner or spouse visa with at least A1 level of English for the family of a settled person under the Common European Framework of Reference for Language. (CEFR)

This law was imposed to cut down illegal immigrants to the U.K. To avoid fake marriages and sham marriages, the U.K. government follows this A1 & A2 English test for the UK Spouse Visa extension.

The A1 English test is the most common test that consists of 6 minutes exam conducted by Secure English Language Test at CEFR.

To extend the visa further to 5 years, the applicant must pass the A2 English Test which is a 7-minute exam conducted by CEFR.

Level A2 English Test Fee

To apply for this test, the applicant must pay the A2 English test fee of 200GBP. The applicant can register for the exam with the required information online.

The applicant must apply before 3 days of the exam. Today registration for tomorrow’s exam will be rejected. The applicant who registered for the exam on Friday at 4 p.m. will be considered as a Monday applicant.

The time and date of application and center will be sent through the mail. The applicants are eligible to apply to the nearby center for his A2 English test.

When the applicant is not available on a particular day can cancel the test with the nominal charges of 50GBP as the cancellation fee.

A2 English Test Procedure

The applicant can re-apply for the test by paying the A2 English Test Fee of 200 GBP for his UK visa extension. It is a 7 minutes test that includes speaking and listening.

It is the compulsory exam for the UK immigrants to ensure they can read, write, and speak English to the level of child age below 5-6. The applicant must reply relevantly with simple sentences.

The result will be revealed in a few minutes. The A2 English certification will be sent to the registered mail address within 10 days to the applicant.

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