Combos and whole meal dining experiences from pizzerias!

Pizzas are soon replacing the ideas of snacks and translating into wholesome meals for a perfect night. The joy of biting into the crusty frames and cheesy goodness of pizza is complemented with side dishes to make for a complete meal experience. And in these lines the iconic Double Pizza deals in Montreal stands out with its offerings. Montreal really has fetish for classic pizza meals and this pizza joint is enhancing on the taste with its wide offerings.

If you are tired of ordering away the pizzeria goodness alone, craft these around the wholesome deals and combos to really make for a great dining experience at your home.

The special menu to entail!

It isn’t quite an experience biting into pizza unless you have some fizzy drinks to gulp it down with! The cold drinks play a major role in enhancing the pizza eating experience. And so the special menu brings together the combined love with the special menu. With every 2 medium pizza you can order drinks – serves a group of four people right!

Hold the snack love!

If pizza and cold drinks combination is not enough for you to savour the real beauty of pizza, it’s time to amp-up the taste with some crunchy fries on the side! The menu brings together a combination of pizza, coldrink and French fries together for a rather filling snacking experience. For groups who can’t ignore their love for French fries it is the steal deal combo.

Mega combo with side orders

Pizzerias don’t just serve the finest of pizzas in their combos but bring together some of the finest side dishes for a complete meal experience. The medium sized pizzas are combined with cold drinks, fries, chicken wings, garlic breads and more to serve different tastes in one order. As families and groups of friends dine together these combos bring together the finest of tastes in perfect serving portions and affordable budgets.

Special combos

Much like the mega combos, the special combos are designed around different tastes for the different people. While some include only the crispy fried items, others include cheesy and large portions. You can find the perfect fit in terms of choice of dishes and their combination with portion sizes to serve the group right. The combo is one of the largest selling items on the menu.

Pizzerias today craft experiences based on the choices and taste of their customers. The more wholesome the meal gets the affordability to these combos increases.

Clare Louise

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