5 Best Steak Cooking Methods Are Here!

A hunk of meat, perfectly sliced into even portions, seasoned with tempting sauces and seared on the hot temperature. Steak is a kind of statement food describing the tenderness and texture of the meat. But do you know there are more than fifty ways in which steaks can be cooked?

Here we have covered the best 4 techniques which will make you fall in love with steak each time, you take a bite.

  • Let’s grill n grin: One of the best and most classic methods of cooking your steak is grilling. Grilling is relatively quick, simple, and gives a smoky texture to your steak. It uses the steak’s natural fats and extracts of ingredients to infuse flavors in every layer of meat. All you need is a grilling stove or charcoal, pieces of meat or steaks, salt, pepper, oil, and some other toppings.


  • Simplify your steak pan fry: If you love little butter or oil on your meat with soothing flavors, then pan frying is the right method for you! A pan fried steak can taste incredible with a good seasoning of ingredients like peppercorns, chervil, and other sauces. While frying, slight oil or butter is sprinkled to make the meat more tender and chewy. Once the steak is fried, it is rested for 5-10 minutes, so that the juices redistribute throughout the meat making it juicier and crispy.


  • Broiling is bliss: Broiled steak is loved by almost everyone if cooked and seasoned properly. The direct dry heat sizzles the meat evenly by locking in all the delicious juices. Broiling allows sauces and ingredients to infuse flavors in every layer of steak; making it juicier and zingy. Lastly, it’s always suggested to try a broiled steak at your nearest steakhouse restaurant.


  • Sear the saucy steak with the Sous Vide technique: Sous vide technique involves sealing the steak with a vacuum and then cooking it at an adequate temperature. Sous vide starts with a simple and regular searing on the pan. But instead of placing it in the hot oven, the steak is sealed in a plastic bag and dipped into hot water. Sous vide preserves the raw flavors, aroma, and color of the ingredients.


Cooking steak is an art, which is more than just flavors and aroma! If you want to try some of the world’s best steak dishes, then Rib N Reef is your ultimate destination.

Rona Aguayo

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