A Guide to Finding Budget Service Apartments in Singapore

If you’re going on a short-term trip, booking a hotel instead of a service apartment is tempting. However, as the years go by, more people have started to choose service apartments instead. Many sing praises for its lower price but larger space for you to live in during your vacation. But what is a service apartment, and how do you find affordable service apartments in Singapore? Here’s a guide on choosing the right one.

What Is A Service Apartment?

Unlike hotels that only offer a bedroom and a bathroom, a service apartment is a fully furnished apartment for long and short term rental accommodation in Singapore. Services include entirely usable amenities, housekeeping, and sometimes access to nearby gyms, restaurants, etc. While they used to only be popular among the business travel community, they have become more popular for family vacations and are accessible to any crowd.

The Differences Between A Service Apartment And A Hotel

Depending on what you need on your vacation, you might need a service apartment or a hotel. Here are their core differences so you can choose the better accommodation style for your trip:

  • Again, the most noticeable difference is the size. Hotels usually offer a small bedroom for your stay, and upgrading to a bigger size will cost lots of money. In contrast, you can get a three-bedroom service apartment for your short term rental in Singapore if you need that much space.
  • Access to luxury amenities may vary. A hotel may offer a pool, mini-bar, room service, an on-site restaurant, a spa, and more. If you’re looking for budget service apartments in Singapore, they may not have amenities that match those a hotel can provide. However, you have access to a fully-functioning kitchen and laundry room, which many hotels don’t have due to a lack of space.

How To Find The Best Budget Service Apartments In Singapore

You should maintain quality for affordability. Again, service apartments are known for being cheaper than hotels, especially if you stay in one long-term. However, even staying in one short-term saves more money than booking a hotel. If you’re looking for affordable service apartments in Singapore, here are five tips to keep in mind:

  • Only look at service apartments that fit your budget. You can enquire, but many services have websites that list their prices. Also, when looking for budget service apartments in Singapore, opt out of extra amenities that can increase the price. These amenities could include car rentals, gym access, and beauty services.
  • The location of the apartment can affect the price. It might cost more in a popular and convenient spot in town. Meanwhile, apartments in less populated areas can be cheaper.
  • Customer reviews are your friend. Many past visitors of affordable service apartments in Singapore write reviews of their experiences and post them online. Take advantage of the information they give you when choosing a service apartment.

Do you need short term rental accommodation in Singapore? Expat Corporate Apartments Singapore has options for both short and long-term stays, located in places such as Central Singapore, Queenstown, and more. Enquire about their available service apartments by contacting them on their website.

Rona Aguayo

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