4 Activities To Keep You Outdoors During The Winter

The winter period can feel like a time of hibernation, where the cooler and even cold weather prevents you from enjoying the outdoors in the same way as during summer. For the outdoorsy type, those who thrive in natural environments and when embracing exciting activities, this period can be particularly difficult. However, some might know that the winter months don’t necessitate hibernation.

If you want to keep active and outdoors during winter but aren’t sure where to begin, here are four great activities that can keep you among nature during the winter period.


The idea that surfing is entirely a summer sport is incorrect. In fact, a number of surfers who continue to practice and enjoy the waves all year round are seeking to demonstrate that there are many benefits to taking to the water during winter.

While you might need to embrace a wetsuit to stay warmer, bringing a hot drink along too, the waves can be just as consistent during the winter period and with the benefit of fewer crowds too. This means that, if you’re willing to embrace the chill, you can have entire beaches to yourself.

Those who don’t want to surf but still want to enjoy the water can, instead, bring a paddleboard along. This not only allows you to enjoy the water at a more relaxing pace but also means that individuals can do so even without waves.


Trekking through the cold landscapes can be unpleasant if a person isn’t prepared. Wet weather and harsh winds can make even a brief excursion unbearable. However, there are now a significant number of accessories and clothing items that can make a huge difference to the comfort and warmth of hikers, making it not only easier but more enjoyable to adventure during winter.

In addition to advancements in the ability and durability of jackets, there are also a variety of food and drink tools now available, such as portable coffee makers that can make delicious coffee quickly and easily.


Some activities are not only suitable to enjoy during winter but actively require the cold weather to occur. Skiing is one such activity and while some resorts make an effort to offer slopes all year round, they seldom achieve the adrenaline and awe that natural slopes, especially those of landscapes like Thredbo, offer.

Skiing is also an amazing endeavour for those looking to keep in shape, working every muscle in the body while testing physical ability, balance, and stamina. For those looking to improve their joints, especially knees and legs, skiing is also recommended, being a weight-bearing activity that can help to defend against osteoporosis.


Sites of environmental or cultural significance are much quieter during the winter period, being free from an abundance of tourists, making them more affordable and more enjoyable. What’s more, seeing these places in the winter offers a lesser-seen side to many well-known destinations, such as landscapes beneath the snow.

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