Wine, Dine, and Shine: Planning The Perfect Romantic Trip To Salem, OR

Have you been itching to take your partner somewhere beautiful? Well, nothing screams ‘scenic’ more than a vineyard in Salem, OR.

However, to pull off the perfect intimate getaway, you’ll need to figure out two things. 

The first is accommodation somewhere close to the vineyard you plan on visiting. That won’t be a problem considering there’s an excellent selection of romantic winery lodging in Salem, OR. The second is a list of things to keep your partner busy.

Don’t start sweating that brow just yet. This article is going to explain everything to you.

Picking the right place to stay

The key to romance is to avoid clichés. That includes your expensive hotels and other tourist traps. 

So, pick somewhere that’s quaint. The more old-fashioned it is, the more charmed your partner will be. Bed & Breakfast spots work exceptionally well here. Such places have an intrinsic appeal that’s hard to find anywhere else.

Remember, most of your time will be spent tasting wine. And, you can’t enjoy that with the sound of blaring traffic coming in through your windows. A simple rule to follow here is to look for the three Ts. Essentially, pick a place that’s timeless, traditional, and tourist-free.

Planning an itinerary

Going to a vineyard means wine tastings will be a part of your itinerary. But, what do you do when those are over? The answer is simple—you get creative. After all, idyllic doesn’t necessarily mean boring.

  1. Get the baskets out

There’s nothing better than spending a day out, surrounded by wine and delicate things to eat. Yes, that’s the basic definition of a picnic. And, nothing beats a picnic in the middle of a vineyard.

All you need to do is request the accommodation staff for a picnic basket. If it’s a romantic winery lodging in Salem, OR, you’ll probably get a basket full of homemade goods. Expect sourdough bread, artisanal cheese, and some lovely tart fruits to go along with everything.

Also, don’t forget to pack your partner’s favorite comforter. That’ll make things feel even more personal.

  • Go local

Accommodations near wineries always have a relaxed atmosphere. Simply put, these places are run by people, not teams of service staff.

So, ask them if they want any help with anything. More often than not, the owners will take you up on your offer. That’ll allow you to interact with the people who live there. Who knows, maybe they’ll even tell you about a few local myths. 

  • Plan a history lesson

Places like Salem, OR, have a rich history behind them. This is doubly true if you are visiting a vineyard there. Such establishments have beautiful stories attached to them—which the owners will be more than happy to share if you ask.

It’d be best if you went in with a local. Ask around, and you’ll find someone willing to show you what the area has to offer. If you’re nice about it, maybe you’ll even get invited to dinner by one of the winery owners.

Wrapping up

Planning a romantic trip to a vineyard takes some prior thinking. Essentially, you have to consider that there’s no giant amusement park to save you if an idea falls through. 

So, ensure you have a few contingencies ready and get a local’s contact information before you land there. Once you reach the place, it’s all a matter of how well you can leverage what you see around you. 

Liliana Anderson

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