Tips for Surviving a Long Bus Trip

Travelling by bus is usually the last option when everything else is exhausted or too expensive for one’s budget. And it is that travelling by bus is generally very cheap compared to other methods of transportation. Therefore, it is worth knowing how to make this long journey more comfortable and shorter. Sometimes, a bus trip can exceed 5, 10 or more hours if you move around giant countries like Thailand, Bolivia or Australia, to name a few.

These tips, you will survive that eternal bus trip that you have pending.

Take Advantage of the Bus Facilities

The buses that cover long distances are better equipped than the ones you take in your city to get around. Use these extra bus facilities to your advantage:

  • The seat with which you can rest better.
  • If the bus is equipped with WIFI, sit in the first seats, and you will receive a better signal.
  • Connect your electronic devices to the current or USB if the bus is provided with them. You will be less bored.
  • Sit in the chair closest to the window since it is quieter than the one facing the hall and you will be able to see the landscape, but if you think you are going to need to get up several times, it may be better to take the one in the hall.                                              

 Admire the View from the Window

Most times, the best thing about travelling by bus is being able to see what is happening outside the window from my seat. So I always prefer to sit by the window, close to the glass.

Examining the beautiful landscape, we are crossing through to seeing how people interact in towns and cities.

Capturing the essence of a place for its culture and to see how different the world is from the small portion that we are used to. Travelling by bus gives you all this especially when the bus has facilities like bus tickets mexico.

Periodically Stretch

You should stretch and move your arms, legs, neck and other parts of your body every few hours to avoid pain and cramps due to being in the same position for a long time or hardly any movement.

From your seat, you can make several smooth movements with your joints. Get up in the hallway stretch for a few minutes, or even taking advantage of it while you go to the lavatory onboard to walk and do some stretching.

Although it is visible and logical, it does not hurt to remind yourself to adopt the correct position possible while sitting.

Barbara Moody

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