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So you’ve explored a bunch of different places, from spending hours and hours on planes travelling from one country to another country. But have you ever gotten tired of flying, or that it may not be your thing, but you still want to go on vacation. Well then maybe it’s time to try something new, like a cruise, a royal Caribbean Singapore cruise, it maybe the next best thing to happen. So why not give it a shot.

Why is a cruise better?

There are so many reasons why a cruise is one of the best ways to vacation, one of them being that you get to have a changing view, unlike a resort where you are secluded to one place. As you are moving throughout the waters you get to see different oceans, places and much more with in you suite. Also you get to visit multiple places and you only have to unpack once, don’t have to check out from hotel to hotel. Plus no travel time is wasted, you don’t have to go from plane to plane. On cruises the vacationing time is maximized, and you can spend more time seeing and experiencing than sitting on a plane.

Where can you book cruises from?

If you go on any travel agency site you can book any cruise that you want, if it’s a royal Caribbean Singapore cruise then you can book it through a travel agency site called the Chan Brothers, they offer tons of cruises for all sorts of prices. If you go onto their site you can enter in the destinations, or the cities, or the cruise liners that you want to go to, that way you can find the best cruise for you. They also offer some great deals like upgrading your suite, or having discounts on some of the cruises.

What will it cost?

Generally a cruise will be over a month long, so it’s almost as if you were living on the ship, and sometimes this can get costly. You have to pay for meals, and laundry, and the accommodations, but most of them are packages and actually cost less than a normal vacation. The cost of it depends on how long it is, what they provide and so on, the cruises can range from SGD $300 to over SGD $14000. Usually it will cost around $50-$70 per day as well.

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