The Importance Of Lighting Well In Macro Photography

Why combine these two themes? Well, because the lighting in photography is always important, you know, I am very heavy. What I don’t know if you know is that in macro, controlling lighting well becomes even more necessary. A macro has to be well lit, yes or yes. In another type of image, if it is somewhat underexposed or overexposed, it can have a pass if there are other elements that gain more strength or if this excess or lack of light has become a creative element of the image.

In macro, this does not happen, for the simple reason that this type of photography is based on the small details that can only be seen in a suitable light. You will understand after reading this that illuminating a macro photograph well becomes essential. Don’t hesitate to know the things you can do at night at new York:

But also, the light becomes vitally important for other reasons:

  • If you use some of the inexpensive alternatives to macro lenses, the light input will be visibly affected. That is, you will need more light than would be required under normal conditions. The more distance you put between the subject and the sensor, the less light will enter and the more you will have to compensate for this lack.
  • With macro lenses, the depth of field is quite small, so to be able to enlarge it if you want, you have to close the diaphragm a lot, with the consequent reduction in light input.
  • If you photograph insects, something very recurring in macro, as they have the “vice” of moving, you have to shoot with fast speeds. Another light reduction.

Outdoor Lighting

If you go out into the field or streets looking for small living things, be they bugs or plants, you will have a great ally: natural light. Remember you must the tips for street photography at

Rona Aguayo

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