What are the Top 5 things to do before going to Shanghai

Shanghai,  meaning “upon the sea,” is China’s most significant and wealthiest city.  Shanghai is the most populous proper city in the world, with over 24 million residents.  It is the busiest container port in the world, a global financial center and one of the four direct-controlled municipalities of China. It is located close to the mouth of the Yangtze River.

This ancient city is now a modern metropolis of both the technological and financial center of China, with its boutique history and travel sites attracting numerous tourists come for its beauty.

Are you planning to discover china most beautiful city, Shanghai? Great! Because we are here to give you five essential tips you need to do before going to Shanghai, China.

  1. When To Go?

The first thing you need to do is figure out when you want to go to Shanghai, but also when is the best time to discover Shanghai? These are two different things, and I prefer if you’re planning to visit Shanghai and want to have some good quality time there, you should focus on when is the best time to visit shanghai. However, a lot will depend on what sort of weather you want or can tolerate. The most comfortable seasons for shanghai tours destinations are (September and October) when it’s fall and (April and May) when it’s springtime, during which you need to wear light clothes, maybe with a light jacket. Also, it is better to pay attention to Chinese holidays, unless you want to be a part in some celebrations, during this time thousands of Chinese people head home or travel around, and that influence transportation system which becomes terrible, while the price of hotels can go up by double, or more.

  1. Where to Go?

When you figure out when is the best time to visit Shanghai, now you should focus on where to go or what are the best places you should explore in Shanghai. Its a better option if you take a map with yourself and mark the locations which place in Shanghai you want to visit, like Disneyland Resort, Yuyuan Garden, Zhujiajiao ancient town. There are lots of beautiful places to see and things to do, although a lot will depend on you.

  1. Don’t forget to tell your bank you’re visiting Shanghai, China

Hotels, international restaurants, and more extensive shopping malls accept credit/debit cards. However, they are not yet widely accepted in other places in China. So, before you go to China, make sure your bank knows you’re going to be using your credit or debit card over there. You don’t want your card being canceled mid-trip for unusual transactions.

  1. PreBook yourself in a Hotel

If you want some flexibility with your itinerary, make use of sites that do not require an upfront payment to make bookings. It is better to prebook yourself in a hotel than to wait in a massive queue of people and still not sure if you’re going to get a room or not. When choosing where to stay in Shanghai, you will find many choices on the internet, including star-rated hotels, youth hostels, inns, and apartments. Note that, Shanghai is a business-centric city, so hotel rates usually drop over the weekends.

  1. Don’t Expect the English Language as a mean of communication

The language barrier can be a real problem in the city so, if you visit Shanghai, you need to learn some essential mandarin words. If not, then we’ve another solution for you, as we are living in the era of modern technology, so instead of getting lost and ask for help by pointing to a bit of paper or looking out for signs, there are plenty of translating apps you can download these days.

And if you don’t want to get stuck in the middle of nowhere during your time, download a good app for translating the written word in restaurants and even street signs. While, of course, Google Translate is always a good option.

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