Know about reef fishing in Belize and its rights of protection

The fishing rights in the world are first adopted by the country of Belize. This is a program that is carried out mainly for the small fisheries. The government and the non-government organisations took the responsibility to create a new system where the Belize fishing community can be empowered. The main aim is to conserve and protect the ecosystem and help the families.

What is the new system?

The reef fishing in Belize is a system that supports almost half of the nation’s population. This also provides benefits like protection from storms, maintaining cultural heritage and protect the habitat from the endangered species.

  • There have been meetings with the community leaders of Belize to discuss about the ongoing problems. This is related to the barrier reef and the mangroves, the sea grass etc. The locals have noted that there are problems due to the flooding of the river and the seawater gets contaminated especially during the rainy season.
  • The research teams have put a combined effort with scientific research and the developmental guidelines to create a detailed picture of the coastal resources of Belize. The search is also about the essential benefits that are derived from the main activities of this particular region.
  • The reef fishing in Belize is really difficult to manage especially if you take it species by species. Therefore it is best to manage them through managing the ecosystem in the most effective and efficient way. The reserves are simple to monitor by enforcing the traditional fishing regulations.

If the reef fish stock is protected, then the fish will definitely live longer. Hence the fishing and tourism industries are benefitted if the marine areas are well protected in Belize. The rights of fishing have to be balanced with the needs of conservation. The rights of the marine users have to be protected in order to have sustainable resources.

Liliana Anderson

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