How to Book Tickets for ADO Buses in Mexico?

Finding out the system of using transport in a foreign nation can constantly appear a little bit daunting in the beginning. If you are thinking of traveling by bus inside Mexico, as well as Central America, you might imagine small, hot, stuffed buses with poultries running on the aisles and having no A/C. The Ado buses in Mexico are anything, however, that.

First of all, ADO buses are normally well priced and comfy, as well as depending upon the class; they have at the very least one restroom in the rear of the bus. So, if you are traveling via bus from Merida Cancun, you might follow the following instructions:


You can browse timetables on the ADO website; however, it’s only in Spanish. That being stated, we only recognize a couple of words of Spanish, as well as managed to determine it, so it can’t be that tough!

From a dropdown menu, you pick your origin, the next dropdown is a destination, and then the day. 


If you are having a credit card from outside of Mexico, you won’t be able to buy your bus tickets online. Hopefully they transform that quickly; however, for the meantime, you have one, perhaps two alternatives.

The best choice is going to the ADO station and get your tickets in person. You can purchase your tickets at any time, from any terminal, so if you’re fretted about your path selling out, this generally only takes place in extremely high season/holidays, so that time goes as early as possible and acquire your tickets.

A lot of terminals take cash and credit cards, but there are a few that just take cash.

The other alternative is to download the ADO app on your phone.


You’ll intend to stick to three classes of ADO buses to ensure you are traveling in comfort, all of these kinds of buses have Air Conditioning. 

  • ADO – this is the regular 1st class bus. Very comfortable seats that have a fair bit of recline, one bathroom, as well as films are being played on the overhead screens.

  • ADO GL- this is the one level up or luxury class. The seats supply a lot more reclination, there are different bathrooms in the back along with a coffee maker, as well as movies are played, but you’ll need headphones to listen.

  • ADO Platino– These are the highest level of buses. Great, if you have any type of overnight journey, you’ll remain in ultimate convenience in these buses. The seats fully recline, and also, you’ll have your private entertainment system as well.

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