Discovering Paris through Street Art Tours

If you want to experience Paris in a different way, why not try a guided street art tour? The street art can help you learn a lot of things about Paris; from its history to politics. Here is what to expect from a Paris street art tour.

Visit the Giant Vitry-sur-Seine Open-air Museum

Vitry-sur-Seine has cut a name for its large number of street art in Paris and entire France. The diverse works of art feature graffiti, mosaics, stencil paintings, and others that tell different stories of Paris, France and other countries in Europe. Today, the Vitry-sur-Seine has been transformed into a giant open-air museum.

Our guides will help you to decipher the cryptic meanings in most of the works of art. For example, you will be able to learn about culture, politics, religion, and family roles from the works of art. Some of the top international artists whose work of art features prominently include Jimmy C, Stew, C125, and David Walker.

Explore Street Works of Art in Marais

In history, Marais was referred to as the ‘belly of Paris’ because of the large number of shops and falafel as opposed to works of art that were stuck away from the main streets. But it also held another tag, the Paris Capital’s gay district. The street art helps to bring out this notion with diverse and colorful works of arts on the walls.

Whether you are old or young, this guided tour will help you to satisfy the curiosity you have about gays in Paris and their history. You will learn about the struggles that the gays went through to get their freedom in Paris and the entire country.

As you set off to explore street art in Paris, think of anything you would like to know about. Believe it or not, the chances are that the answer will be inscribed in Marais street art. Make sure to take lots of photos for your traveling album to help you remember Marais.

For visitors who fancy art, Paris guided street art tour offers them an opportunity to see the city from the artists’ perspective. Do not let the opportunity slip away. Visit our page to book your space for the street art Paris tour.

Liliana Anderson

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