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Please, not that it would have many tourist attractions, but it is a good place to enter Mexico. Or at least that’s how it seemed to me.The hospitality is at home, the food is tasty, the prices reasonable. Let’s see a travel budget for Cancun. 

Budget for Cancun

We also told in this article about our accommodations. Today we have gathered on the chapters a few main elements. They are food, accommodation, entertainment, transport. So travel budget for Cancun.

Please note that in October 2019 one euro is approximately 22 pesos. ATMs have a withdrawal fee of 30 pesos in many places. If you do not exchange at the exchange offices or withdraw money from the ATM, in stores and restaurants the exchange rate is terrible, 16, 17 pesos for one euro. With the catamaran rental with skipper in Cancún you can have the best choices now.

How do we find an ok foreign exchange home?

You look at the exchange rate and try to get the idea of ​​home as it should be. Ask if they have a commission. Make sure they understand what you were asking for before you hand over the money.

How much is accommodation in Cancun?

If you want a double room, decent, clean, even with air conditioning, prices start from 20-25 euros per night. Two people, breakfast included. There is something decent, not the last hutin Cancun. In the rest of Mexico you can do even cheaper. We stayed at The Mermaid Hostel. They have two and we stayed in both. There are 2 nights in the center and 3 nights at the beach.Beds in the bedrooms in the hostel start at from 8 to 10 euros per night, breakfast included.

It is worth mentioning that this is how things are now, at the beginning of the season. November is another good month, with fairly low prices and the first outside of hurricane season. Starting with the end of this month, prices are starting to rise.

Pro tip

When we talk about budget, the period is very important.

How expensive is the food in Cancun?

Depending on where you eat you pay a certain price. Logically, right? In Las Palapas Park in downtown Cancun you can eat two people a table with 40 pesos. (A mixed pita costs 20 pesos. There are meat, sauces, maybe some cheese, some salad. It looks good and tastes good).

You can also find giant burritos with 40 pesos and many more.For fish and seafood the restaurants on the beach are priced from 100-150 pesos per serving. Through restaurants dishes start from 50-60 pesos portion. (Obviously depends on which restaurants you go to).

In the supermarket the prices are similar or maybe even lower than in Romania. See some in this blog. Meat is very cheap, unlike potatoes for example. Find sweets and pastries from 6-7 pesos.The beer in restaurants starts from 30 pesos, in shops it costs from 13 pesos to 17-18, the import one and more.

Wherever you choose to stay, you are sure to sell and organize tours. So it is possible to get rid of a worry, that of transport. Some tours are really worth it. Especially if you are a bigger gang,you can wake up again dreaming of the gang at home and thought it would be interesting to spend a whole day on the boat with friends. Drink tequila, see a fish, and snorkel while on a boat trip. Prices start at 30-35 euros. Check what is included and what is not.


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