Enjoy an exciting and memorable Soca river kayaking

If you would like to experience one of the most popular kayaking destinations in Europe, that Soca river kayakingis the best choice for you. Apart from gorgeous river and its surroundings, Soca river kayaking offers different levels of difficulty.

Soca river kayaking is a perfect combination of adrenaline and breath-taking nature. We highly recommend you not to go Socariver kayaking on your own, but as a part of an organised group. Our guides know the river well, they will take care of your safety, and they will take you kayaking on that part of the river that is most suitable for your level of knowledge. This way, you can just relax, paddle and enjoy stunning views while enjoying Soca river kayaking.

Learn kayaking on the emerald beauty

If you are a beginner, you can learn some basic skills of kayaking with us. We will first take you to a nearby lovely lake to teach you pure basics, and then we will practice kayaking down the Sočariver in a safe and fun way. It is tempting to learn kayaking on one of the most beautiful rivers in Europe, is it not?

Sočariver is always tempting. It also offers a great refreshment during the hot summer days. Sliding over pure, cold, emerald green water gives you a feel of freedom, satisfaction, and peacefulness. It is a perfect way to get away from the crowd and spend your morning or afternoon at Soca river kayaking.

We are going to have so much fun

Let us share our hidden gem, the river Soča with you and join us at a day of Soca river kayaking. Who would want to spend a beautiful day in the midst of high mountains, unspoiled nature and a pure, clean and cold Soča river? It is an exciting opportunity for everyone that loves nature and water.

Make Socariver kayaking your playground.

Clare Louise

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