5 Trustworthy Hacks to Crack the Best Deal When You Book Flights

Booking cheap flight tickets for you and your family can help save money which can be used for other expenses during your vacation. This post gives useful tips that can help you book low-cost flight tickets.


If you are planning to spend your holiday in your dream destination, you may find that flight tickets can use up a significant portion of your budget. Therefore, spend a little time and effort to find inexpensive tickets because it can save a considerable amount of money.

Here are a few tips for booking cheap flight tickets

  • Plan in Advance

It is a known fact that ticket prices can rise as the departure date gets nearer. It is better to book your tickets in advance, especially if you have confirmed plans for travel. Last-minute bookings are not only expensive but can limit your choice of flights.

The price predictor tools that can be found on booking websites can give you an approximate graph of the expected fluctuation in ticket prices. Although the figures might not be exact, you can use the tool to help you find the dates when the ticket prices are lower and book them ahead of time. Booking flights early can also help you get the best seats on the plane.

  • Keep It Flexible

Generally, weekend rates tend to be higher, and prices can also skyrocket for flights to popular destinations during the holiday season. If your plans are flexible, then choose to travel on weekdays when airfares are usually cheaper.

If you are not particular about your destination, you can spend some time on booking websites and find places that are cheap to fly to. You can also fly to a different airport that is a little far away from your destination for a cheaper fare. Calculate the overall travel expenses, including the cost of rental cars to decide on a low-cost destination.

  • Hide Your Searches

If you find that the ticket prices rise every time you check the website, it might be because the site is tracking your searches. This is a trick employed by a few sites to create panic urging you to book the tickets immediately. To avoid this, turn on private browsing mode in your browser.

You can also try using different browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, and Safari for your searches. Check the settings of your browser to make sure you are searching in incognito mode. Remember to close your current search window before starting a new search to reset the cookies stored in the browser.

  • Visit Flight Comparison Portals

Don’t rely on one flight portal for your booking because it might have higher ticket prices. Use flight comparison sites that give the best prices for a chosen route and date. Some sites can also show flights that were not visible during searches on other portals.Make sure to check the airline website for special offers and deals. If a new offer has been introduced, it might take some time to appear on other sites and therefore checking airline portals can secure you cheapest fares.

  • Use Rewards Points

By enrolling for the rewards program, you can collect air miles by indulging in your favourite activities such as dining out or shopping. Signing up for a co-branded credit card can also get you a significant amount of air miles as a welcome bonus.Refilling fuel, subscribing for magazines, and mobile recharge are some of the other ways you can earn air miles. Some programs let you use air miles for booking flights across airlines worldwide. Your family and friends can also gift or transfer their miles to you, helping you to  book flights  for free.

Travelling with your family and friends can be a lot of fun, and expensive flight tickets should not stop you from having an exciting holiday. By comparing and analysing the fares on booking portals and by being flexible with your plans, you can find flights with the cheapest ticket prices.

Liliana Anderson

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