What Are The Best Places To Visit Europe In Christmas Time?

Weihnachts is pure magic in Europe! Sparkling lights along picturesque paved roads. A traditional Christmas huts fair held on the main square of the city. Mulled wine, gingerbread sausages and cookies are perfect. We just love to spend the winter holidays in Europe and have found the best European Christmas destinations on our extensive journeys. If you want to visit Europe you can opt for East Europe Packages from Dubai.

Christmas Destinations: Europe

Travelers in Europe have ample options to decide where to spend Christmas! Trips to European cities adorned with light or to lesser known sites which are full of beauty for their holidays can be planned on a quintessential German Christmas market.

Here’s a list of the best destinations in Europe in December–why do we think they are the best in winter in Europe!

Looking for guided tours in Europe for Christmas? Whilst we’ve always planned our own Christmas market holidays, companies in Europe give structured Christmas tours. We highlight at the end of the post some of Europe’s top Christmas market and Christmas market breaks.

Our best places to visit Europe in December are listed in this list. At the end of the post we give our best tips on Christmas in Europe and answers to the most common questions, as well as providing information on planned trips.


Many people do not see Croatia as a winter destination but we believe that Zagreb, the capital of Europe, is one of the best Christmas European cities. Zagreb, which is located inside the famous coastline of the country, is both historic and modern and Zagreb is the largest event in the city.


The whole summer in Barcelona draws hordes of tourists–not many believe it is a place to go for Christmas in Europe. The coastal town is renowned for its exceptional architecture (including various works by Gaudi Modernism), traditional colonial townships and delicious tapas. During Christmas, the best attractions in the city are illuminated and people participate in unique rituals.


Cracow is a beautiful town! Cracow is becoming popular with tourists from around the world, full of historic sights and a fascinating history. The UNESCO World Heritage Square of the 13th Century, the Christmas Market of Cracow, is the center of the old town.


Frankfurt–the European Central Bank’s main transport hub and home is one of Germany’s most modern cities. Other visitors say the town has no character, but the vibrant Frankfurt Old Town is tucked under the growing skyscraper. The city is one of the best German Weihnachtsmarkts in Europe in keeping with tradition.


The iconic sights, world-renowned art, great architecture and excellent wine make Paris a popular destination in the world for just a few reasons. The city is full of highlights and quaint coffee shops (but interesting tourists can go off the beaten track easily). Although not always listed as one of Europe’s top Christmas cities, in winter we love Paris.

How does Europe Celebrate Christmas?

Christmas Day is a public holiday in most European countries and people usually celebrate with family at home. Almost all of Europe’s Christmas celebration is marked by a large food, but it can be dinner or lunch, or Christmas or Christmas. Hire a Portugal photographer who would do an exceptional job at clicking the best christmas eve pictures

Families go Christmas, usually at midnight on Christmas Eve, mostly in Catholic countries such as Portugal, Croatia and Spain. We think that Christmas masses are particularly beautiful as they usually go with the local chorus. Top Tip: It was a very unforgettable Christmas Eve mass at Notre Dame in Paris and we hope to come back after renovation.

What is the Weather in Europe in December?

Most of the continent of Europe has cold winters, especially in countries such as Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

However, in places like Portugal, Spain, Italy and Croatia, the winter weather is more temperate. London winters tend to be mild, too. Opt Vienna Tour Packages from Dubai.

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