Hiking fairs in South Gloucestershire to Taxi driver beauty queen – interesting taxi news in Bristol this winter

Ah, Winter in Bristol; a season of blue skies, clear air, and for the taxi industry – interesting news. From rising fares to beauty queen cabbies, here’s a snapshot of the most interesting taxi news in Bristol this winter.

Price Surge

The news that cab fares in Bristol were set to rise this winter came as a shock to many citizens. From 1st November onwards, passengers will pay more for their journey, with a minimum fee rising from £2.70 to £3.20 and an additional extra 20p added for every mile travelled. However, the majority of cab operators have taken a responsible approach to the price surge; ensuring that it is not excessive and remains in line with other cities in the UK.

Read about Bristol’s clean air zone and why taxis are on the rise in the city centre.

Angry residents living on ‘worst road in Britain’ – as taxi and takeaway drivers refuse to drive down it

Residents in Henbury, Bristol have been left fuming this winter after taxi and takeaway drivers refused to drive down their road. Residents living on Henbury Road have complained that the road, which has been named “Britain’s Worst Road,” is appalling and is virtually impassable due to potholes. Despite the local council’s best efforts, taxi drivers have continued to refuse to drive down the road, leaving residents angry and frustrated.

Taxi Driver Beauty Queen

Not all York taxi news in York this winter has been negative though; in October, one of York’s taxi drivers, a part-time cabbie, was crowned Miss Great Britain. Elle Bethan-Brown, a part-time cab driver, was crowned Miss Great Britain after she beat thousands of hopefuls in the beauty pageant. The bubbly brunette won a trip to Tenerife and a year-long modelling contract.

The taxi industry in York has seen an unexpected phenomenon this winter – a beauty queen cab driver! Yes, you heard it right. A local taxi York driver has taken part in and won a regional beauty pageant. She is the first taxi driver in the city to have achieved this feat and hopes to use her newfound fame to promote the taxicab industry and raise awareness about the work taxi drivers do in the city.

Taxi driver beauty pageant queen wants to represent plus-size women at Fashion Week. This is certainly a unique turn of events, and we are proud to see such an inspiring woman in the local taxi industry.

In addition to these stories, the winter months in Bristol have seen some inspiring news stories from other innovative taxi companies. From ride-sharing initiatives to GPS tracking systems, these firms are constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation.

Beauties of South Gloucestershire

The beauty of South Gloucestershire is no secret, and in the past few months, it has been enticing many more visitors to its stunning landscapes. There has been a significant increase in the demand for taxi services in South Gloucestershire, with many people wanting to explore the county by road. Fortunately, local taxi operators are well equipped to handle the rise in demand and provide a much-needed service to these visitors.

South Gloucestershire Taxi Fares Are Set to Increase by 10 Percent as Costs Rise

Following the news that fares were set to rise in Bristol, South Gloucestershire taxi operators have also announced a 10 percent fare increase. This is due to the increasing costs of running a taxi business in the area, such as fuel prices and maintenance. The increase will come into effect from 1st December 2019 and will remain in place until further notice.

So, that’s a snapshot of the most interesting taxi news in Bristol this winter. From price hikes to beauty pageants, the taxi industry has certainly been making headlines. Although there have been some difficult stories, it’s encouraging to see that the industry is also embracing innovation and providing a much-needed service for visitors and residents alike.

This winter has been full of interesting news for Bristol’s taxi industry. From rising fares to beauty queen cabbies, it’s certainly been a season of surprises. Here’s hoping that the coming year brings more positive news and success for the city’s cab operators.

Liliana Anderson

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