Glo’s Online Yoga Can Help You Build Dynamic, Functional Strength

Have you ever heard someone say this before: “Yoga is just stretching.” It’s a very common misconception that exists to this day, and many people don’t believe that yoga has any strength-building properties.

However, if you already practice yoga then you are already very aware that yoga is far more than “just stretching”. Many maneuvers and postures will provide an extensive challenge that astonish even professional athletes. It provides intense, deep-level body work that not only increases flexibility, but can also greatly enhance physical stamina, endurance and strength.

As a provider of online yoga courses, Glo has a multitude of yoga courses that revolve around strength building. Both short and long-term classes provide you with focused and careful instruction on how to use yoga training to build high-functioning dynamic strength in the body and mind.

Below are 3 courses that focus on building strength in one or several areas of the body. Each course is for a different experience level, demonstrating that Glo has course for both beginners and long-time practitioners alike.

Core for Beginners With Jason Crandell

The first course on this list comes from Jason Crandell, an instructor with over 15 years of yoga and fitness experience. He hosts 220 courses with Glo alone, and this course is designed to strengthen one of the most important areas of the body for yoga and fitness mastery: the core.

As the title suggests, this course is designed for beginners, and what better course to start with than a core-strengthening class? This area of the body not only regulates structural stability and spinal health, but the majority of organs in the body exist in the core.

As a beginner course, the exercises in this program are selected for their easy accessibility. Regardless of your fitness level, you should have a simple time being able to perform these exercises correctly. However, their simplicity does not take away from their ability to help you greatly strengthen your core region, helping you create a solid foundation for more extensive yoga practices.

While for beginners, experienced practitioners can use this course when they want to take a more relaxed approach to their core. Whether you are advanced or a beginner this course will provide you with a beneficial increase to your core muscles.

Build Strength with Tiffany Cruikshank

The second course on our list comes from Tiffany Cruikshank. Not only does Tiffany provide online yoga courses with Glo, but she also created Yogi Medicine. Yogi Medicine an online community of yoga experts who seek to blend together yogi principles and practices with modern medicine.

In this course, Tiffany brings her expertise into the Build Strength course. Like Crandell’s course, this is a 1-video course that is designed for people to use repetitively. This course does suggest that individuals have an intermediate level of yoga experience to practice it. As such, this course is for those with yoga experience or those who have above-average physical fitness.

This online yoga course is made for both yogis who want to build strength for more advanced work and for athletes who want effective cross training that will help them perform better. As with Crandell’s course, you see that there is a focus on building to more advanced work.

Skills & Drills: Circuits for Strength with Rocky Heron

The last and most advanced of these courses comes from Rocky Heron. Heron is globally-renown for his yoga expertise and in-depth knowledge of the human anatomy. Some of you may have even seen a YouTube advertisement or two highlighting his work.

This course falls in line with Glo’s purpose to integrate both modern and ancient principles to offer a challenging and dynamic workout that improves strength, coordination and mobility. Rocky includes various tweaks to asanas to help engage muscles in more than the asanas originally do.

Rocky is also well known for his use of props and environment in order to create the most engaging and dynamic exercises for his programs. These props not only increase the challenge of the exercises, but also enhances your ability to improve even further.

Strength-Training For Everyone

Whether you have just started with yoga and physical fitness or you already have advanced experience, Glo has a strength-training program that is sure to help you improve your muscular performance in one or several areas. With a free-trial for new members, you can try these classes out for free to see if they are right for you. Try out Glo’s online yoga courses and move your way into greater more dynamic strength.

Clare Louise

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