6 best things to do in Toulouse France

The town which is close to the Pyrenees Mountains and the Mediterranean Sea, known as the Pink City or, in French, La Ville Rose, due to its brick buildings, is Toulouse.If you are looking for 6 best things to do in Toulouse France, then you must know that there are several very interesting activities. Before taking a start of your tour and getting to know 6 best things to do in Toulouse France, you need to have an idea of the city transport.

Toulouse Matabiau is the central station, where trains and buses arrive. It has a subway stop very close to the center. While traveling to the hotel you can take an Uber ride, Subway or either walk to your hotel. The Tram line T2 connects Toulouse Blagnac Airport and the city at the ticket cost of € 1.70. A shuttle bus on the other hand is going to cost you eight Euros, but it arrives at the center faster. If you prefer to take rental car it is always available at the airport, but pre-booking is better than on the spot booking because pre-booking will be cheaper. The availability of a garage in your hotel is another thing to keep in mind because it costs around 16 euros for the garage.

Toulouse city is good for those who love to travel on foot and for bike lovers there are several bike paths to stroll along the Canal du Midi area, a bike rental system is also available at various terminals in the city called Vélô Toulouse. If you rely on google maps while traveling, then keep in mind that google maps will not be much helpful for public transit so you can go for the Tisseo app or website. There are some options available for buying tickets if you buy a single ticket for any transport it will charge you € 1.70 while a set of 10 tickets are available for € 13.70.Another option which is going to suit is to buy unlimited pass which is valid for 3 days, and it costs € 12.20. I hope this information for traveling in the city is enough to start your trip.  Now we are going to share 6 best things to do in Toulouse France a complete travel guide. So, let’s take a start:

Capitole Square

The prefecture of Toulouse is the building of Capitole. This name comes from the capitouls who were the “councilmen ” of the city met, capitouls, capitole. If you are there in the morning, then you are going to witness the morning fair on Capitole Square. If you want to visit from inside, then it is free you can visit the rooms, but this opportunity is not available for Saturdays and Sundays due to weddings.Inside you are going to witness majestic staircase, city’s history from the ceiling,Capitole’s most famous room and the illustrious room known as the distinguished room. You are going to witness busts and statues of important men of the city if there is no ceremony organized because important weddings and political activities are organized in this room.

Museums in Toulouse

If you are a natural history lover then museums of Toulouse are worth visiting, there is a natural history museum with the botanical garden of the city an interesting place to spend time with kids as well. If fine arts is your love then visit the Musée des Augustins. It has two floors of the building,with paintings and sculptures scattered on these floors. Some other museums to visit are the Georges LabitMuseum, the Fondation Bemberg,

Canal boat trip

You can witness boat restaurants and few boat trips at the Brienne canal (the second most important canal of the city) but it depends on the tourist season as well.


Those who have a keen interest in aviation can get an opportunity to get into some of the airplane models and they can see dozens of close-up models as well in the Aerospace Museum. You can also visit airbus factory and get a close look at the process of making an airplane.

Rugby Land

Rugby is a sport like football and it is the passion of Toulouse.Stade Toulousain is the Toulouse team and it is the best team. You can enjoy their game if you live in the city otherwise visit the Ernest-Vallon stadium, the changing rooms, training areas and have a look at different team trophies.

If you decided to have a go and injured yourself you can have your nearest emergency pharmacie’s phone number here: allo-pharmacie-garde.fr

Ferris wheel

The Toulouse city does not have so many tall buildings if you want to witness one of the most beautiful views of Toulouse it is recommended to go for the Toulouse Ferris wheel on the banks of the Garonne River in the summer months which is going to cost you just € 5.

Before we wrap this up, we should also mention that there are plenty of pharmacies in the city. In case of emergency you can always call the number on the website allo-pharmacie-garde and they’ll give you the contact details of your nearest 24hr/emergency pharmacy.

These were the 6 best things to do in Toulouse France, if you want to know more about tourism in Toulouse and France follow our blog. Don’t forget to share your experiences about these “6 best things to do in Toulouse France” after your trip. We would love to see your response, I hope you will find this article helpful and you will share it with your friends. Happy traveling!


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