Pitigliano and Sorano Italy: A Perfect Day Trip from Tuscany

Pitigliano and Sorano

Perched up high in the rolling hills of Southern Tuscany about 100 miles northwest of Rome are two not well-known and off the beaten path medieval villages. Sorano and Pitigliano are referred to as, “Citta del Tufo,” because they are built on volcanic ash…. sounds interesting, right?

Always in search of an adventure, and yes, a good photograph, we spent the day exploring these two villages with a professional photographer. Although we did have a car, we chose to have a stress free day and leave the driving to our guide. If you are a drive it yourself kind of guy or gal, the roads are fine;  just a little on the steep and windy side! But let’s face it, being a little adventurous adds to the fun of it all!


Pitigliano sits 1000 feet above sea-level and that’s where the steep part comes in! Don’t worry, you will quickly forget the slightly stressful drive once you approach the village. Trust me, the views will take your breath away.

The drive up to Pitigliano, Italy

The view from the top of the village.

the drive up to Pitigliano, Italy

Sure glad I’m not behind the wheel of this truck!


I knew very little about Pitigliano before my visit and was surprised to learn that Pitigliano is actually referred to as Little Jerusalem. You see, beginning in the 15th century, Pitigliano was a safe haven for Jews that fled from the nearby villages. Today, you can still see remnants of the Jewish Quarter.

the synagogue in Pitigliano, ItalyThe bakery in Pitigliano, ItalyWe munched on some challah from this bakery.

the aqueduct in Pitigliano, Italy

This aqueduct once supplied all the water to the village.

The wine cellar in Pitigliano, ItalyOf course we had to stop at a wine cellar. Pitigliano is known for its wines.

The awesome views from Pitigliano, Italy

Where else do you have views like this?Pitigliano, ItalyPitigliano, ItalyPitigliano, ItalyOther things to do..

Aside from exploring the narrow streets of this sleepy and rural village, be sure to visit..


About a 12 minute drive from Pitigliano is Sorano. Sorano is so well-kept and preserved  that for a minute you actually feel like you have stepped back centuries in time. That feeling quickly ends because you immediately notice that every home is equipped with a satellite dish! Even medieval villages need their dose of modern conveniences. Take time to meander through the town and visit the Orsini Fortress.

sorano, Italy

Sorano, ItalySorano, ItalySorano, ItalySorano, ItalySorano, ItalySorano, ItalySorano, Italy

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